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  • 14 August 2014
  • W. Kenneth Yancey

SCORE: Celebrating 50 Years of Impact on the Small Business Community

SCORE is a non-profit organization that connects expert business mentors with entrepreneurs across the country and this year we’re celebrating our 50th Anniversary of doing exactly that. In half a century, the organization has helped more than 10 million small business owners achieve their dreams of starting or growing their enterprises. That includes businesses of all shapes and sizes, from a local barber shop to a high tech software company, and everything in between.

In 2013 alone, SCORE clients started 38,630 new businesses and created 67,319 new jobs in our workforce. An additional 40,175 clients grew their revenues. Those numbers make a big impact on local communities and on the U.S. economy as a whole. And we’re proud to celebrate it!

...the organization has helped more than 10 million small business owners achieve their dreams of starting or growing their enterprises.

This Monday, SCORE kicked off our annual National Leadership Conference in Washington, DC. This conference is a chance for the leadership of our 320+ chapters around the country to come together to share their experiences, best practices and new skills all for the betterment of our small business clients. Our Chapter Chairs, District Directors and Regional Vice Presidents assemble to participate in workshops, learning labs, roundtables and inspiring keynote speeches. It’s a great chance to say, “Here’s what I’ve seen in Palm Beach and here’s how it could work for small businesses in Peoria.” It helps us ensure that small businesses are receiving the best guidance possible and our mentors are equipped to provide it. It’s amazing how great minds coming together truly results in a synergy that allows an even greater impact to return to each community.

This year’s conference is extra special as it is the capstone of our 50th anniversary celebration that we’ve been having all year long. The highlight of the week is our SCORE Awards Gala on Thursday night which recognizes outstanding small businesses and their supporters. It is an evening that is incredibly inspiring; we find that the story of each and every small business told that night is so moving because of the impact they make at every level – personal, family, community, industry, and beyond. In fact, our Award winners this year represent four categories of impacts they have made as a successful small business: economic, social, community and innovation.

The recipient of the 2014 SCORE Award for Outstanding Franchise Small Business Award is Gina Pinto-Williams, owner of Liberty Tax, Cincinnati who has made a profound impact at the community level. Since opening her first Liberty Tax location in 2010, Gina has grown her business into three thriving Liberty Tax franchise offices in the Cincinnati area and the businesses have each become valued members of the local community. With the help of SCORE, she was able to identify key problems and competitors in her industry which enabled her to grow the businesses. She says she is very grateful for the guidance and education from SCORE, because with education, anything is possible. “I believe that education provides options and options provide empowerment,” says Gina. Along with nine other outstanding small businesses that have each made an impact in their own way, Gina will be recognized for her achievements during the SCORE Awards Gala on Thursday August 14.

To find out more about SCORE’s 50th Anniversary celebration, visit:

For more information on the SCORE Awards Gala and to watch the Livestream on August 14th at 7PM Eastern, visit:

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