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  • 27 January 2015
  • The UPS Store

The Top Lessons Learned From Entrepreneur Magazine’s 6th Annual Growth Conference

Last week The UPS Store was proud to be a part of the Entrepreneur Magazine 6th Annual Growth Conference in New Orleans. Over 500 passionate entrepreneurs came together to learn ways to grow their businesses from top industry experts. Topics ranged from social media to HR, sales generation and more. Here are some top tips and key learnings from the full day of panels, speakers & sessions.

Always be prepared to pitch your business – Make sure to have your elevator pitch ready to go! Attendees had the opportunity to meet the editors of Entrepreneur Magazine, and were able to share their three minute business pitch for a chance to be profiled in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

Don’t follow the breadcrumbs of others – Sometimes it pays to take a risk and take ownership of an action. Look for ways to de-familiarize the ordinary. – Erik Wahl, business thought leader and graffiti artist

Overcome fear – The entrepreneurial journey is not defined by a company but by the journey; when you fail at one company, it is not the end of your entrepreneurial journey. - Tim Williamson

Being in the know – You don't want to be the spokesperson for your company; you want to be the expert for your industry. – Jeffrey Ory

Build an online brand – Good marketers are people who figure out WHERE to market, not necessarily what they market. Send out emails that answer problems people have. Write a blog post and supply education to your readersJason Falls, leading digital strategist and social media marketing influencer

You can sell anything – It's not stalking if it works, be persistent! Brands are deeply rooted in psychology - a series of experiences built over time. Stand out. – Grant Cardone, TV producer, host and author

Join a proven brand – Start a franchise with a well-known brand you share a passion with. Enjoy the freedom of making your own business decisions and having support from a proven and established franchise model. – Chris Adkins, VP Franchise Sales, The UPS Store

Learn from others – Small business mentors are at your disposal and are free! Whether you’re a startup, or established business, mentors can provide the knowledge you need to achieve success. – Len Sedlin, District Director of SCORE

Don’t miss the 7th Annual Growth Conference to learn more information to help you grow your business; mark your calendars for February 5, 2015 in Miami, FL.

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