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  • 30 September 2015
  • Bonnie Stack

United Problem Solvers™: Helping Miss Florida Take the Crown

At The UPS Store, we take a creative approach in providing solutions to our customers’ challenges. As a continuation of our United Problem Solvers campaign, follow us to Florida where a franchisee is working with a passionate volunteer to help young women on their hopeful journey from Miss Florida to Miss America.

Mary Sullivan has been a volunteer for the Miss Florida Scholarship Pageant for 28 years and currently serves as the Executive Director and President of the Miss Florida Scholarship Pageant. Licensed by the Miss America Organization, the Miss Florida Organization facilitates both the Miss Florida and Miss Florida teen pageants every year. When Sullivan first assumed her position as Executive Director and President, she had just three weeks to pull everything together for the pageant.

Sullivan uses The UPS Store’s printing services for rules and regulations booklets, judges’ booklets and even pageant marketing materials.

“I had been around pageants, but I had never been the director,” Sullivan shared. “I had to find people to help prepare all the printed materials, quickly and correctly. I needed a business partner that I could trust.”

Sullivan and her husband lived near The UPS Store in Miami, FL and started as mailbox customers. After seeing The UPS Store’s printing, copying and other office services, she turned to franchisee Keith Hoelzel for all of her pageant needs.

Hoelzel jumped right in and provided Sullivan quality print services with a quick turnaround time. The UPS Store now provides year round support for Sullivan both pre- and post-pageant.

“You name it, I needed it, and Keith was able to do it,” said Sullivan. “He has developed expertise and knowledge of the whole Miss Florida program. There is a comfort in knowing he can do it and do it right the first time.”

Sullivan uses The UPS Store’s printing services for rules and regulations booklets, judges’ booklets and even pageant marketing materials. Showing great success with the first few printing projects, Hoelzel’s services for the Miss Florida pageant continue to increase each year. Now Hoelzel prints photo pads, thank you cards, posters and other materials used by Miss Florida throughout her year of service.

“Each year Mary supports a different contestant, and so do I,” added Hoelzel. “It’s exciting to be part of their journey to become Miss America and promote the good work they do across the state of Florida.”

Hoelzel’s work for the pageant also includes shipping. The Miss Florida contestants ship their entire wardrobe to the Miss America competition each year. Sullivan trusts Hoelzel to get all of the dresses, outfits and shoes to the pageant safely and on-time.

“Our work with The UPS Store is a major part of our overall success,” noted Sullivan. “We always get the most for our money and a professional job well done from Keith and his team.”

The relationship between The UPS Store and Miss Florida pageant organization continues to grow. As each new class of women competes and each new winner is crowned, Hoelzel creates all of the printed materials, assists with graphics and design, responds to shipping needs and is always on-call for any last minute or new requests.

“All of the women talk about Keith and when they can’t find me, they assume I am at The UPS Store,” expressed Sullivan. “I am a firm believer you are only as strong as the people around you. We are so grateful he takes pride in our organization and is a friend to all of us.”

Are you a small business owner looking for printing, shipping and other services to make your day-to-day office tasks easier? Find your local The UPS Store and let us problem-solve for you and your business today.

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