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How to stay motivated: 5 tips for powering through the New Year
  • 26 November 2015
  • Eric Michaels

How to stay motivated: 5 tips for powering through the New Year

Among the many challenges a small business owner will face, keeping your passion alive 365 days a year can be the most difficult. Launching your own company can be a grind -- from hiring and training, to sales and marketing, to adapting and expanding. Fortunately, there are ways to stay motivated when the going gets tough. Here are five tips for powering through the New Year and beyond.

1. Build your dream company
Perhaps you dreamed of starting your company while working full time. Maybe you had a vision of a better work life. Now, you have the chance to make that vision a reality. As you build and grow your small business, address those things you were most dissatisfied with -- such as inflexible schedules, or a boring work environment -- and put a better alternative in play. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make wrong things right with their new venture, so follow through on your ideas.

2. Keep your life balanced
If your life revolves solely around your work, there will be times when it’s impossible to stay motivated. Inevitably, there will be days when projects get delayed or big orders are canceled last minute. Bad news can sap even the most positive person's energy but you have to take setbacks in stride. One way is to keep your personal life active. Remember to continue pursuing your outside interests and hobbies. See friends and family often and keep things in perspective when work gets you down.

3. Delegate
Do monthly accounting duties bore you? Has the hiring process become burdensome? Entrepreneurs sometimes believe that once they’ve escaped their old, boring job, they no longer have to worry about administrative tasks. Ironically, becoming a small business owner means you have to assume even more of these duties. However, you can always delegate this and other unpalatable responsibilities to your staff. Additionally, business services like accounting, recruitment, web design, payroll, and digital marking can all be outsourced to other companies. Use this opportunity to relieve yourself of the tedium and return to the interesting part of running your business.

4. Make your workplace fun
The only thing more draining than a company without a soul is a workplace without a soul. Every employee prefers a fun and energizing environment. Sponsor and encourage weekly get-togethers, so your team can bond on a personal level and lighten the mood around the office. Small things, like allowing pets in the workplace or forming a softball team, can also help stave off boredom. Use any edge you can find to inspire your staff.

5. Plan your next venture
If you recall the thrill you felt launching your company, imagine how it would feel doing it all over again! Get started on the next phase of your professional development, whether it’s starting another new business or identifying a process you can improve. Your first venture is only the beginning of what you can do in the business world. Start planning your next move now, so your year is never dull.

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