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United Problem Solvers: Designing a business card to meet a designer’s standards
  • 17 December 2015
  • Tracy Spahr

United Problem Solvers: Designing a business card to meet a designer’s standards

At The UPS Store, we’re in the problem-solving business. Whether it’s taking a collaborative approach when providing print and business solutions, or proactively preempting problems them before they occur, we aim to be a true ally for our small business and other customers. Our United Problem Solvers™ campaign celebrates this passion for helping customers overcome their business challenges.

You can hear it in her voice; Kay Grott has the motivation and enthusiasm to create wonderful things for her customers. Kay, creator of Fine Crochet Designs, has been in business for more than 15 years, crocheting fine fashions for children and adults. Kay Grott Collection is a Nashville-based couture crochet design company that sells designs online and at local retail stores and also provides private and group crocheting lessons to students of all ages including her popular “crochet camps.” 


Kay took her hobby and created a successful business out of something she loves. After pursuing and working in a different career for many years, she used her experience and education (which includes a master’s degree) and the many skills she developed – such as planning, program development, and public speaking – to grow and prosper as a small business owner.

As an entrepreneur, Kay has a good business sense and understands that her promotional and marketing materials must be top-notch. “Customers notice and appreciate when a business owner takes pride in the appearance of their marketing materials,” she says.

However, at one point Kay was having trouble finding both a graphic designer to help with creating materials and a local printer. She also felt she needed a new business card with a more professional look.

“Although we are an online, high-tech society now, a business card remains an important marketing tool for demonstrating the offerings and attitude of the business owner,” Kay says.

A friend referred Kay to The UPS Store in the Green Hills area, a Nashville neighborhood, where she met with manager Jeff Letzler and in-store graphic designer Tiffany Vinson. The three forged a relationship that exceeded Kay’s expectations. Kay explained her business card problem to Jeff and Tiffany, who were then quick to provide a solution in the form of a thicker, classier business card. After reviewing, Kay thought the paper was a bit too thin and asked for a second version, but the paper still seemed thin to her. Jeff and Tiffany investigated to find the root cause and it — turned out the paper weight was ideal but the particular ink Kay requested was causing the card to feel flimsy. They fixed the issue and presented Kay with a business card she was proud to hand out to customers to promote her business.

Kay appreciated Tiffany and Jeff’s patience and professionalism as they made the small, painstaking, but very important adjustments that made the card perfect.

“Jeff always demonstrates a caring attitude and great people skills,” Kay says. “He truly portrays the spirit and mission statement of United Problem Solvers as he strives to make life easier for small business owners like me.”

In addition to Jeff, Kay considers Tiffany and all The UPS Store associates she works with as indispensable parts of her business and a key to her success. She visits her “extended team” at least twice a week to order postcards, pamphlets, posters and more.

In The UPS Store, Kay now has the resource she needs to overcome any business problem she encounters and achieve her marketing and promotional objectives.
For more information on the Kay Grott Collection visit

Are you an entrepreneur looking for innovative solutions to your business challenges? Find your local The UPS Store and let us help you meet your small business challenges. Together, there’s nothing we can’t solve!


A great article which gave me new information regarding The UPS Store. I was not aware they were into business cards and graphic design which means an alternative reputable, stable place to conduct business. Kay's business certainly deserves the best because her talent exibited as the Creator of Fine Crochet Designs is perfection and beautiful.

We couldn’t agree more! We love helping SBOs like Kay with all their print and business needs.

Thank you all for your kind words! I want my work to make people Happy!

Kay's work is pure quality! Beautiful! She pays attention to every detail! Enjoyed the article.

Kay's work is spectacular. I'm glad she found a good source for her marketing materials.

Kay, thank you so much for your kind words. As a graphic designer, I love working with people to make their visions into reality. It's exciting to work with someone who has such love and passion for her small business and we enjoy helping you grow. Congratulations on your success thus far and best wishes for the New Year. We look forward to what's ahead! Tiffany

I love Kay's designs and think this is a great article.

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