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Is the Next Wave of Social Media Apps Right for Your Small Business?
  • 02 March 2017
  • Eric Michaels

Is the Next Wave of Social Media Apps Right for Your Small Business?

Launching a successful small business requires a lot of planning on your end. After all, you need to establish capital and develop the right product for the right market. A solid business plan should lay out each piece of the puzzle. On the marketing end, you need to establish ways to connect with your audience and determine whether or not your current business strategy is working. In order to accomplish this task, you must explore the various different social media networks that are currently available. By learning more about the latest social media apps, you can decide which tools and platforms will work best for your business.

Why are you using social media?

Too many small business owners create accounts on various different social media sites without establishing a specific purpose. While it is crucial for all companies to explore new ways to connect with their customers, you need to make sure your investment—in time and money—bears fruit. In order to make your effort count, you should only create a new social media account if you are sure that it will be valuable to your desired audience. You should learn how each platform works (and how your company can profit from it) before you work to grow your social media presence. Once you have that information, you can look into different networks and tools to determine which options would work best for your business.

Social media apps to explore

Here are some new social apps that you may want to consider investing in:

  • Buffer
    If you are handling social media management with a small team, Buffer should be on your radar. This app allows you to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks so that you can optimize your publishing cadence for your audience. Once you determine the time of day when your customers are most active on social media, you can use Buffer to set up your publishing schedule accordingly.
  • ManageFlitter
    ManageFlitter provides you with a variety of different tools to help you optimize your Twitter account usage. This app allows you to sort your followers by a range of criteria, track who unfollowed you, and find new relevant accounts that you should be following in order to stay engaged in your community.
    While ManageFlitter is the key to follower management, is an essential app for Twitter interaction. When you are trying to grow your social media presence, it is important to remember that followers or readers who are retweeting, liking, and commenting on your posts deserve your attention. provides you with Twitter analytics that allow you to identify the most valuable members of your community. You can then use these insights to show your appreciation and interact with your most engaged followers. These insights also allow you to quickly and easily measure your social media efforts.
  • Agorapulse
    Once you build up a roster of social apps, you need to establish a way to manage them on a daily basis. Agorapulse does the heavy lifting on that front. This app provides you with the tools you need to create campaigns, grow your lead database, and get to know your followers. You can even use this platform to run promotions, quizzes, and contests. Meanwhile, Agorapulse provides you with insights that allow you to determine how you stack up against your competitors.

When analyzing the latest wave of social media apps, it is important to remember that these platforms may not necessarily be useful for every business. Once you develop a thorough understanding of your social media mission and audience, you can invest in the apps and tools that will make it easier for you and your team members to reach your goals.

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