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Is Your Website Design Telling the Right Story?
  • 30 March 2017
  • Elvis Michael

Is Your Website Design Telling the Right Story?

Not too long ago, there were many small business owners who were convinced that they could survive without a website. Nowadays, it seems as if nearly everyone is joining the digital era in order to stay relevant. However, many entrepreneurs struggle with website design, which results in a barrage of disjointed websites and social media accounts.

Even if you have a stunning, functional website, are you sure that it is telling the right story? In order to make your website work for your small business, you must address a variety of nuances. When handled properly, your website can do much more than simply act as a virtual business card.

Attract the right audience

It does not matter what story you are trying to tell if nobody is listening. You can bring traffic to your site by using appropriate keywords in your title tags, meta descriptions, and meta keywords. Ideal keywords can include information such as your name, services, products, and geographic area, as well as common related phrases with high search volumes.

Keep in mind that you should be trying to attract your target customer, as this relationship is most likely to lead to sales down the line. Just remember this rule of thumb: All website engagement is not created equal.

Continue to build your brand

How well does your website design represent your company's core values? If you want to be perceived as empathetic and personal, make sure that you provide many easy and convenient methods to get in touch. Some people hate making phone calls, while others still loathe e-mail. By providing multiple avenues for contact, you can tell the world that you actively want to know what your customers need.

Website design plays a critical role in promoting your brand online. You want to make sure the look and feel of your website incorporates the same branding as your business. After all, you want to make sure that your site is a digital representation of your brand, is easily accessible and intuitive to navigate. These traits are commonplace these days, and so a clunky site will reflect poorly on your business.

Showcase your brand's personality

Modern websites have many responsibilities, including acting as a sort of virtual trophy room. This platform should showcase your personality and achievements while remaining professional and consistent with your company's culture. Do not forget to include testimonials, social media feeds, and lists of organizations with which you are involved. Do you donate a portion of your profits to a charity or partner with a local non-profit organization? Do not be afraid to brag about the good you have done for the community. This type of information will go a long way when it comes to telling your company's story.

Show off your edge

There is no reason why the unique brand voice that you have established cannot be translated to your online presence. Is your website design highlighting what sets you apart from the competition? Are you providing enough value to new and recurring visitors? Freebies like blogs, e-books, and coupons are excellent ways to boost site traffic and make your prospects feel welcome and appreciated.

If you are tempted to check out the competition, be prepared to identify what separates the effective sites from the not-so-effective ones. Your competitor's design might not necessarily be working out, even though it looks good to you. Once you identify any potential flaws, you should try to figure out how you could improve on what they did.

From an eye catching home page design to an easy navigation menu and dynamic content such as blogs, social media widgets and rotating banner images, your website should be more than a dull summary of your company details. It should tell a story of who you are, tell your customers what you want them to do and reflect your brand's personality. Let your website show why you are the best in a professional, engaging way.

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