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Realizing You Are Not Alone as a Solopreneur
  • 25 April 2017
  • Eric Michaels

Realizing You Are Not Alone as a Solopreneur

As a solopreneur, you may feel somewhat lonely at times.. Unlike business owners who go it alone until they are ready to hire a full staff, you may not have plans to bring in a team down the road. Whether you are an inventor, a designer, or an online property manager, you may miss the level of companionship and interaction that comes with working for a larger business in an office setting. Here are four things you can do to engage with your personal and professional community throughout the week.

1. Join a coworking space

Working in a home office can sometimes get lonely, especially if you put in long hours without much human interaction on a regular basis. If you feel the need to switch up your daily routine, you may want to join a coworking space. Instead of going through the motions of making coffee at home every morning, you can grab a cup in the communal space and spend a few minutes chatting with like-minded entrepreneurs. During breaks, you can have a chance to develop relationships or simply blow off steam, water-cooler style. Being in an environment of like-minded entrepreneurs may inspire creativity.

2. Schedule social outings into your week

Maintaining an active social life while growing your own company can sometimes take a substantial amount of effort. If you are like most first-time business owners, you may have noticed that some of your friends and family members have gotten used to your polite invitation declines, and they may have even stopped asking you to join them for most (if not all) informal meetups. In an effort to change this situation, you must work to prove to your loved ones that you value their companionship. You can do so by trying to schedule social outings on a regular basis. And once you establish a schedule, do your best to honor your social appointments. In an effort to stay in the loop, you may want to try to book a lunch with friends, a coffee date with a colleague, or a fun night outing during each workweek.

3. Attend solopreneur networking events

More and more people are starting businesses on their own every year. By attending networking events, you can take advantage of the opportunity to talk shop with fellow solopreneurs. You may even find a way to establish a meaningful partnership with another company. Meanwhile, these events allow you to relieve stress and share some of the struggles you are experiencing on the job with others who may be in the same boat. All in all, by attending these networking events, you can expand both your professional and social network, and find new ways to advance your company's interests.

4. Become a mentor or volunteer

If networking parties or coworking spaces are not your thing, you may want to consider other ways to connect with your community and give back. For example, you can mentor a student or amateur business owner. This type of experience can be particularly rewarding for all those involved, as a mentor relationship provides you with the perfect opportunity to hone your approach to different aspects of your industry.

Volunteering in your community provides you with opportunities to broaden your social horizons, as well. You may even meet fellow business owners who are also looking to give back to the community, giving you the perfect opportunity to form a meaningful friendship and professional relationship.

It is normal for solopreneurs who work from home to feel lonely from time to time. By making an effort to engage with your social and professional community on a regular basis, you can find a way to maintain an active social life and find inspiration while still getting your work done.

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