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One Extra Hour of Daylight. Endless Business Opportunities.
  • 13 March 2019
  • Alex Penfield

One Extra Hour of Daylight. Endless Business Opportunities.

Winter can be tough on small businesses. Chilly temperatures and premature darkness mean more shoppers opt to stay inside, and this hibernation can often equate to a decrease in spending habits. Luckily, daylight saving time marks the light at the end of the frozen tundra tunnel, a hopeful sign warmer weather and happier shoppers are on the horizon. While some people bemoan daylight saving time for the hour of sleep it steals, as a small business this extra sixty minutes of sunlight can mean more time to create, connect, and get a leg up on the local competition.

Hoping to make the most of that extra hour of daylight? Here are five ways your small business can spring forward for success:

  1. Get Organized – Utilize your extra hour of daylight to get prepared for the busy season ahead. If winter has left you buried under piles of paperwork, spring is an ideal time to clean house and get those books in order. Block out an hour each day dedicated to organization now, so you can spend the spring season growing your business without worrying about crunching numbers. For help keeping up with your accounting, check out our resources specifically tailored for small businesses.

  2. Capitalize on Happiness – Even though the warm, sunny days of summer are still months away, an increase in sunlight can be an instant mood booster. Maximize on the mood by using vibrant colors in your marketing collateral, surprising shoppers with a sale, or playing upbeat tunes on the sound system.

  3. Leverage the Light – Daylight saving time brings with it a later sunset, meaning shoppers are more likely to be out and about after work. Consider extending your hours to cater to after-office shoppers or host a “Happy Extra Hour” for your customers to celebrate the swing into a new season. Consumers will appreciate the increased accessibility as they shift their routines into the new season.

  4. Take it Outside – Have sidewalk space? Weather permitting, consider moving merchandise or services outside for the day to grab shoppers’ attention as they stroll by. Retail can take on an entirely new life with a quick switch of environment, and even window shoppers won’t be able to avoid taking a look.

  5. Refresh Your Routine – As a small business owner, it can be easy to let your work take over and rule your routine. While it’s true that running your own company can feel like 24/7 commitment, it’s important to make time for yourself and your personal interests outside of work. Daylight saving time is the perfect opportunity to establish a me-time routine and practice some self-care, whether that means fitting in an hour of exercise after work or finding a relaxing way to wind down before bed.

So the next time you hear someone protesting about one less hour of shut eye, remember the benefits that daylight savings time can bring your small business. With longer days come fresh opportunities and spending-ready consumers, meaning there is no better time to spring forward and poise yourself for success. As you seize the season and create ways for your small business to stand out, remember you have the power of our entire suite of small business services at your fingertips.

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