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Balancing Business with Summer Fun
  • 17 June 2019
  • Leo Covey

Balancing Business with Summer Fun

Summer is officially here. With sunny days and thoughts of beach vacations comes a casual, breezy vibe that may be at odds with TCB (“taking care of business”). Go beyond simply planning coverage for you and your team. Think about how blending summer fun with your goals can help you build team morale and create new business opportunities.


Summer Fridays

Everyone knows that the best kind of weekend is a three-day weekend. If your business can sustain it, consider implementing a Summer Friday policy, the next best thing to a weekend triple play. Normally, businesses that implement this policy ask their employees to work longer hours Monday through Thursday. Then on Friday, everyone gets to take off a half-day to enjoy a longer weekend. It is up to you whether you want to do this once a month or even every week.

Casual dress

With casual workwear becoming more prevalent, more businesses are loosening their guidelines for what is an appropriate dress code. Think about how you can use summer style to your advantage. Maybe it is as simple as adding a little summer sizzle to your social media feeds:

  • A brightly printed company T-shirt for your employees (along with a fun team photo of everyone wearing it)
  • Baseball hats with your company’s logo
  • Or ask everyone to ditch their usual shoes for #FlipFlopFriday


Celebrate the season

Finally, take the time to come together and enjoy the longer, warmer and, hopefully, sunnier days. Host a barbecue. Take everyone to a ball game. Rather than making you less efficient, building team culture actually comes with a host of quantifiable business-building benefits. If you are a retail or restaurant business, you can even invite your customers to join the celebration by hosting a First Fridays-style event with neighboring businesses.

When the time comes to unplug yourself this summer, know that the pros at The UPS Store have your back. Whether you need to ship gifts back from the beach or announce a summer event, we can help you do it all. We can even help you print a little sign that says, “Gone On Vacation.”

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