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Why We Celebrate Halloween
  • 27 October 2019
  • Leo Covey

Why We Celebrate Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! For those who think October 31st is only about hordes of tiny trick-or-treaters: Think again. So put on your favorite costume, and put out a tray of candied apples. Here are the top reasons to celebrate this rather unique holiday and turn it into a success story for your small business.

Why We Celebrate Halloween

Because it is a retail phenomenon

Halloween has morphed from kids play into a sales powerhouse, with customers slated to spend $8.8 billion in 2019. If you don’t sell actual Halloween-related merchandise, consider how you can create Halloween-themed displays and signage to cash in on the celebration. And if you need help printing, The UPS Store is always there to help you craft something festive and frightfully fun for your business.

Because it is a true community happening

What other holiday can you think of where millions of people go outside and walk around together, visiting neighbors and local businesses at the same time? If you run a neighborhood shop, handing out candy to the local kids is a great way to build goodwill with the community. And do not forget tasty snacks and beverages for hungry and thirsty parents. One positive experience leads to another: The next time those parents are shopping around for what you offer, it could be that it was a Halloween candy bar that tipped things in your favor.

Because it is good for team morale

Why We Celebrate Halloween

Sure, you can make the argument that Halloween is for kids, with all the candy, costumes and decorations. But what fun is that? October 31st is the perfect holiday for anyone and everyone to reach inside and get back in touch with the kid in all of us. And you know what? That kind of joy is great for building office morale. Don’t have a Halloween game plan for your office or store? Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Host a desk or cubicle decoration contest

  • Give out prizes for the best Halloween costumes

  • Split your office into teams, and challenge them to come up with group costume ideas

  • Put a candy bowl in the office. Because, you know, candy!

Because it is Instagrammable

Whether you are throwing a Halloween party for your employees or hosting trick-or-treaters for local residents, it all has a role to play on your social feed. Holiday celebrations are the perfect type of valuable and visual content we wrote about a few weeks back. They showcase your culture and create a sense of community for your co-workers and customers.

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