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  • 06 January 2020
  • Jelani Markus

Five New Year’s Small Business Resolutions To Start 2020 Off Right

The holidays are behind us and a new year is just beginning. For many, now is the time for the annual tradition of creating (and keeping) resolutions for the rest of the year. As a small business owner, what changes should you make to help you thrive in 2020? Here are five resolution ideas to consider this year.

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Develop a dedication to delegation

As the owner of a small business, of course you want things to run smoothly. The mistake often made, however, is the assumption that you have to do everything yourself. In actuality, delegation can be a key component in the success of your business. Keep these things in mind:

  • It is not all on you. Yes, you are a leader. But a leader needs a team they can depend on, and some members of that team eventually step up to become leaders themselves.

  • Burnout makes you less effective. Wearing yourself thin by putting everything on your own back can diminish the results you are looking for. Instead, utilize technology to oversee the efforts of your team and spread the workload. 

  • Find the right fit. Handing over the reins is easiest when you know you are in good hands. When employees know what is expected of them and have the authority to make the right decision, they are better equipped to successfully hit their marks.

Learn something new to get ahead of the curve

As mentioned previously, technology is always moving forward and creating ways to make job assignments easier to follow and organization more streamlined. A savvy small business owner is one who never gets complacent. Stay curious. It is not only important to keep up on new technology, you should also ask members of your team to chime in. Let 2020 be the year you stay in the know.

Leave behind what’s not working

It happens to everyone. We do something so often that it becomes habit. As a small business owner, it is even more important to recognize what routines to refine and which habits are holding you back.

  • Update your management style. There are plenty of managerial tactics that simply do not work anymore (if  they ever did). Boost employee engagement changing things up this year.

  • Purge, purge, purge. As you think over the previous year, what have you recognized as crucial and what has lost its usefulness? When you answer that question, don’t be afraid to move beyond anything that isn’t moving you forward (technology, practices, overall design, etc.). Hold on tight to what helps and let the rest go.

    Business Owners Reviewing Document

Hold yourself accountable

You will find it easier to reach your 2020 goals when you keep them top of mind and remain as intentional in their pursuit as possible.

  • Keep a notebook. Write down your goals and constantly check on them to help keep you engaged and prevent slipping back into old 2019 ways of doing things.

  • Talk your walk. Affirmations are a real thing. Speaking your goals to yourself builds tangibility. Speaking your goals to your friends and peers creates positive pressure so you are less likely move in reverse.

  • Create deadlines. Specify timelines for your goals to stick to them better. Even if you have goals that are ongoing throughout the year, it is still important to establish when you want to get started and check on your progress continually.

Pat yourself (and your team) on the back

Work/life balance has become more important than ever. This year, as goals are met and changes prove effective, be sure to reward yourself and your team. Time off, group activities, and themed days are great reward ideas. In situations where perhaps an ambitious change did not take off as well as you had hoped, avoid beating yourself up. Instead, dedicate yourself to trying again. After all, you have all year.

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