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  • 22 July 2014
  • The UPS Store

Using 3D Print for a Product Launch Created the Perfect Synergy

The emergence of crowdfunding, where entrepreneurs can fund a project or venture online by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, has been an exciting recent phenomenon. As inventors and startups rushed to learn more about this new method to raise capital, many were dismayed by the tedious legal paperwork involved, including the creation of a disclosure document. In 2013 a New York lawyer saw an opportunity to help. Georgia Quinn, developed a software product designed to help entrepreneurs save time and money in legal fees when getting started with their business.

While reviewing the regulations of the law, Georgia saw a mismatch between what the law required and what businesses are capable of doing. She knew small business owners don’t have the time to read 580 pages on new laws and her goal was to create an easy automated service to help small businesses prepare the required legal documents.

...found that The UPS Store near her home offered 3D print services, knowing a brand name she trusted...

In a way to manage time and budgets in a way that is friendlier to a startup or small business owner, Georgia worked with her firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP to create Disclosure Dragon. Disclosure Dragon is a software platform that allows a company to answer detailed questions and from the responses, the program synthesizes the information into legal form and creates a legal disclosure document draft. The draft will need to be reviewed and finalized by a lawyer, but Georgia states that the work done by the program eliminates 80% of the time typically needed to develop a disclosure document.

If a small business owner were to contact a typical law firm for a legal disclosure document, the price could reach as high as $30,000. With Disclosure Dragon, the cost decreases to an estimated $5,000, a significant savings.

To market the software to the crowdfunding key influencers in New York, it only made sense to incorporate 3D printing into her launch party. 3D printing was developed over 25 years ago but has recently enjoyed rapid growth in just the past few years due in part to crowdfunding. Georgia did an online search and found that The UPS Store near her home offered 3D print services, knowing a brand name she trusted, she went to the store to discuss her marketing idea.

Georgia used a dragon as her company logo and 3D printed dragon nametags for everyone on her ‘dragon team’ to be recognized at the party to answer any questions. Georgia knew this was the perfect synergy between crowdfunding and 3D printing.

Georgia has already brainstormed other ways to incorporate 3D printing into her marketing for the platform and recently placed an order at The UPS Store for 75 more dragons for an upcoming convention to be used as favors and tags. She knows the store offers a friendly face and a fast service she could rely on.

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