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  • 30 April 2015
  • Dr. Billy M.

Charge up your motivation during a slower business season

Your business, just like any other regardless of industry or type, will inevitably experience a slower season characterized by low sales and activity. Motivation can be a difficult commodity during these times, marking a sharp downturn

  • 29 April 2015
  • Nicole Cox

Launching Our Small Biz Salute Campaign in Celebration of Small Business Week

In celebration of National Small Business Week (May 4-8), The UPS Store® is launching a new campaign called Small Biz Salute, which celebrates small business owners nationwide. Small Biz Salute recognizes small business owners for

  • 28 April 2015
  • Eric Michaels

7 ways to build company culture

Entrepreneurs often thrive in small units. With a workforce of a few people and a nonexistent budget, you build a utopia of production and cooperation on the way to launching a company. But what happens

  • 23 April 2015
  • Dr Billy M.

Does your small business need a Twitter account?

To keep your fingers on the pulse of what is important to today's empowered customer, you have to maintain a deliberate and planned approach to social media. Twitter is a powerful tool, capable of promoting

  • 21 April 2015
  • Dr Billy M.

10 ways to spruce up your small business's website

As the Internet becomes more visually oriented, you should focus on the design of your small business's website to enhance your marketing efforts and keep your customers' attention. Start by addressing these key elements that