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6 ways to meet customer expectations
  • 28 January 2016
  • Elvis Michael

6 ways to meet customer expectations

No matter the size of your company, as a small business owner you should always strive to meet customer expectations to the best of your ability. Just as large retailers look for ways to earn consumer trust and loyalty, small businesses have to be on top of their game to attract customers and keep them coming back. However, the first step is delivering on six key customer expectations in order to build and maintain a healthy, ongoing business relationship.

Excellent customer service
Consumers always appreciate good customer service. They could choose to do business with a bigger brand, but the personal, extra attention they get prompts them to continue doing business with you. Thus, you should get to know your customers and always look to offer what is in their best interest. Not only will they return, they will refer your business to friends, family and business associates, which means additional revenue and increased profitability for you.

Competitive pricing
Consumers want to purchase quality products and services and feel as though they’ve spent their money wisely. Ensure that your offerings beat or at least favorably compare to those of your competitors, otherwise you’re likely to lose business.

Timely delivery
In today’s “instant gratification” society, customers have no desire to wait for their goods or services. You may not be able to provide 1-day shipping like an Amazon, but timely fulfillment and delivery should be your goal. Also, remember to go the extra mile by contacting customers, via online surveys or email, for feedback on your quality and performance.

Knowledgeable staff
Ensure your staff understands every detail about your products and services and teach employees to encourage and answer customer queries. If your staff is trained in this manner, it allows you to focus on larger, managerial tasks without constantly being recruited to answer the same day-to-day questions over and over.

Convenient hours
Due to their busy and demanding schedules, consumers often seek to do business with companies that are flexible with their time and availability. Additionally, many individuals not only work a standard 9-to-5 day, but overtime as well, so doing business before and after standard working hours can greatly increase customer satisfaction and also set you apart from competitors.

One-stop shopping
Offering additional products and services that compliment your business allows consumers to consolidate their efforts and meet their needs without having to reach out to additional vendors. What’s more, customers are often willing to pay a little extra for this convenience. As a small business, you may not have a soup to nuts variety of offerings, but you should focus on procuring and selling key goods and services that will more fully meet your customers’ needs.

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