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Five Tips For Tackling Business Fatigue
  • 28 April 2016
  • Eric Michaels

Five Tips For Tackling Business Fatigue

Business fatigue is a condition that is common with entrepreneurs. It may set in during the climb to profitability, after a run of consistent success, or at any stage in between. Symptoms include a lack of concentration, boredom, irritability and general angst. Thankfully, this condition is not fatal. Here are five tips for keeping your business humming and your entrepreneurial fire alive at the same time:

1. Stick to the big ideas.

Business owners may set a great example by digging into accounting work or other administrative tasks around the office, but this busy work is known to burn out even the most engaged spirit. Once you have your company afloat, delegate this work to freelancers or employees who can balance it with more interesting tasks. As the owner, you are the one who had big ideas and then started your company. You were also able to sustain enough passion to see them realized. You risk losing your original vision and having a severe bout of fatigue by filling your time with generic office tasks.

2. Challenge yourself.

Have you set your personal or company goals too low? Business fatigue may set in if you are not challenging yourself on the appropriate level. Fortunately, there are several ways to raise the bar and restore your drive. For starters, think of ways you can improve your management style. Many entrepreneurs are great at inspiring themselves but are just so-so when it comes to making employees better. Holding a class on motivating your staff may lead to a personal awakening and could help bring out the best in your team. Being a strong leader is a powerful feeling, and will be great for your business.

3. Head in a new direction.

Knowing when to expand a business is tricky, and entrepreneurs should certainly hesitate before doing something rash. However, when you have done the research and established that the market is there, only indecision is holding you back. Expanding your company in any way is a surefire way to energize your team and yourself. In addition to the financial opportunity, going in a new direction may bring back the same feeling you had when you started the company. Suddenly, your job will feel new again and there will be many angles to study. Compared to the steady everyday grind, heading in a new direction is a game-changer.

4. Shake up the office routine.

If you are feeling business fatigue, chances are that your employees are right there with you. Malaise is just as contagious as passion around the office, so take action to shake up the routine at your workplace. You should also consider bringing in speakers who may interest and inspire your team if you see a motivation problem, and another trick is to change the scenery. Start regular field trips to get employees out of the office, or treat them to lunch at a restaurant once a week. Sometimes a dose of camaraderie is all an office needs to spark the passion.

5. Upgrade technology.

Sometimes office fatigue can be linked to the equipment used in work stations. If employees are constantly waiting for pages to load or dealing with buggy operating systems, it may seem like a virus has infected the whole workplace. By investing in better technology, you'll be able to cure these symptoms. You may need to tap into funds for new computers or printers, but you may also just need a new router and Internet plan to get everything moving faster. Whatever you decide, make sure to research available tax write-offs and special deductions that could help make upgrades more affordable.

Entrepreneurs who thrive on enthusiasm should nip business fatigue in the bud. Do what it takes to keep the passion alive for you and your staff. Whether you need an executive coaching session or better technology, you have options—even if you're on a start-up budget.

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