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7 Steps To Running A Successful Business
  • 17 May 2016
  • Elvis Michael

7 Steps To Running A Successful Business

Starting a business is often a labor of love. After long hours and often years of hard work, you may finally obtain your goal of running a successful business. However, as the economy shifts, new industry trends and other factors can bring new challenges to your small business and its success. The following seven steps will help your business remain afloat as new challenges arise:

1. Regulate and obey your business plan.

A business plan is a formal statement of action that explains your goals and how you plan to attain them. Although this plan is primarily used for obtaining initial grants, investor contributions, and other types of start-up funding, it is just as important to keep it updated according to industry trends. If necessary, modify your short- and long-term plan to meet new or unforeseen needs within your industry. This will help you better manage your budget and the way you serve your target demographic.

2. Track all company financials.

Similar to keeping track of inventory, you should meticulously track all the details of your business. This includes new and periodic purchases, staff and their hours worked, salaries, company inventory, and sales. Not only will tracking these details help you when it comes time to file your taxes, but it will also help you compare your overall costs to your company's revenue more clearly.

3. Stay on top of technology.

Technology is widely used today, and it is critical for your business to adapt to the latest changes as they pertain to your customers' needs and interests. For example, technology is a fairly inexpensive way to advertise your business and continue to bring in current and potential customers. This may include maintaining a company blog, using social media, and understanding how traffic is driven to your business.

4. Understand current and new industry trends.

Every industry has trends that come and go. While some manage to catch on, other trends may not be appealing to a majority of consumers. Analyzing and embracing the latest trends within your industry is a surefire way to relate to your customers and stay ahead of the game. Keep in mind that not every change will necessarily apply to you, so it is crucial to understand how different trends affect competitors who rely on the same customer base as you.

5. Be open to suggestions.

There are a lot of ways you can improve your business by listening closely to customers, colleagues, staff, and other professionals. Your customers and employees most likely have some creative ideas on how you can improve products, services, or the way you run your business. Openly ask for advice in verbal or written form, as well as through customer newsletters and specialized online forms. If you are unable to comply with suggestions, explain your reasoning to reassure everyone that you are not simply ignoring their feedback. You can then offer alternative ways to meet the expectations of those who provide feedback.

6. Avoid micromanagement.

Starting a small business can be a lot like nurturing a child and watching them grow to be successful. Similar to that of a loving parent, you might unknowingly hover over your business and staff. If your staff is properly trained, they should be able to be successful without you micromanaging their actions. You should be responsible for handling the larger aspects of your business, while placing a healthy amount of trust in the people that work for you.

7. Remain competitive.

All successful businesses have a competitive edge, and whether it is a unique product or service, or the ability to provide exceptional customer service, it keeps them ahead of the competition. It is important to find ways to stay competitive with businesses that provide similar services or products. Use promotional discounts, exclusive services or products, or even customer appreciation events to keep your business relevant and successful within its industry.

Starting a successful business requires careful vigilance. Start by following these seven steps, and your business will see continued prosperity and growth.


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