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The UPS Store and Entrepreneur Magazine Host “Thought Leaders Live” featuring Marcus Lemonis
  • 31 May 2016
  • Nicole Cox

The UPS Store and Entrepreneur Magazine Host “Thought Leaders Live” featuring Marcus Lemonis

On Tuesday, May 24, approximately 250 entrepreneurs and small business owners gathered for Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Thought Leaders Live” event at The Phoenician resort in Scottsdale, Ariz. Sponsored by The UPS Store, the goal of the event was to provide eye-opening insights and practical solutions to entrepreneurs to help them grow their business.

Entrepreneur Executive Editor Jason Feifer kicked off the event by welcoming attendees and sharing a small business story that demonstrated the importance of having insight for entrepreneurs. He then welcomed keynote speaker, Entrepreneur and Host of CNBC’s The Profit Marcus Lemonis to the stage.

Lemonis led a dynamic, interactive session that began with his personal journey to entrepreneurship and his struggles to find himself and his confidence along the way. Lemonis tapped into the audience’s stories to address some of their own unique struggles and ways to combat them and propel their business forward. He also communicated the importance of being vulnerable and being able to share your own story.

“If you cannot be vulnerable and honest and tell your story in an honest way, you will not be as successful as you could be,” said Lemonis. “Once you build a relationship based on something other than business, your ability to do business with people is greatly increased. People will work harder for you and they’ll give you more. That’s been my secret sauce — my relationship with people.”

Lemonis also talked about the importance of being yourself. “Don’t try to be like anybody else,” he said . “It’s hard enough to be who you are today so just be yourself. “You don’t have to be the smartest or the best looking but you have to be real.”

When it comes to Lemonis’ three P’s — people, process and product — he emphasized the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and being honest with those that are standing in the way of growth.

“If you don’t think people are the cornerstone of your business, than you shouldn’t be in business,” said Lemonis.

Next, Tim Davis, The UPS Store President, took the stage to give an overview of The UPS Store Small Biz Salute, an initiative aimed at celebrating and recognizing small business owners who are making a big difference during Small Business Month and throughout the year.

“The Small Biz Salute is our way to take our support of small business a step further. Starting in early May with National Small Business Week, The UPS Store has been hosting events in cities across the country to recognize and celebrate small business owners like yourselves,” said Davis. “We’ve seen that a simple thank you, or moment of recognition can be incredibly powerful, especially to small business owners who are often working 24/7 to keep the doors open and lights on.”

The event concluded with Lemonis inviting three small business owners who were pre-selected through an online application process to join him on stage for a lively Q&A session. Each business owner received one-on-one coaching and business advice from him on ways to improve their business. Ron Littlefield, Founder of Select Hospitality Inc., a Travel Management Company that specializes in Collegiate Athletic Travel; Marcella Dominguez, Founder of Stowey Joey, a multi-use baby blanket and toy bag all-in-one; and Mike Arce, Founder and CEO of Loud Rumor, a lead generation company specializing in gyms and fitness studios, shared their challenges with either the people, process or product in their organization and Lemonis gave them practical solutions to each of their challenges.

One of the highlights of the event came when Dominguez of Stowey Joey was talking about the high costs of her hand made product standing in the way of her growth. Davis stood up and offered Dominguez $5,000 from The UPS Store and Lemonis agreed to match the donation, as long as she could present a viable business plan addressing some of her obstacles. This unexpected offer nearly brought her to tears on stage.

At the conclusion of the event, the three business owners and the audience walked away with some tangible tips and valuable takeaways they could apply to business, along with information on marketing tools from The UPS Store. More information on The UPS Store small business resources can be found here.

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