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How To Motivate Employees When The Weather Heats Up
  • 19 July 2016
  • Eric Michaels

How To Motivate Employees When The Weather Heats Up

When the sun is shining, the barbecues are going, and the local beach is packed, employees find it hard to stay focused. Can you blame them? It is hard to find the appeal in spending the workday under fluorescent lights when the alternatives of sand, surf, and relaxation are beckoning. However, your business must go on, which can present a challenge for managers throughout the summer. Here are some tips on how to motivate employees when the weather heats up.

Hold meetings outside the office

While long meetings are the enemy in most workplaces, sitting in a conference room without windows can be uninspiring in the summertime. Take advantage of the weather and take a walk to a local coffee shop when you need to talk with your team. Better yet, take those coffees to go and convene in a nearby park. Employees will feel like they are missing out on gorgeous weather less if they get a taste of it during the workday. Holding weekly lunches outside the office is another surefire way to make employees happy. Taking small breaks during the day helps employees keep their focus, and the nice weather outside certainly does not hurt.

Implement summer Fridays

Casual Fridays have been embraced by companies around the world, but being able to wear jeans to work may not be enough to motivate your employees. However, closing the office early on Fridays will get the attention of everyone. Dismiss your team somewhere around halfway through the day during the months of July and August. Just make sure that everyone knows they are expected to deliver the same workload as usual. This will help employees to stay focused and efficient throughout the work week, but it will also reward them for staying on track.

Hold Wednesday outings

If employees do not know each other well, spending the summer together can be tough. To fix the problem, set up weekly outings to help employees get to know each other better. Knowing your staff members' personalities will help you to come up with a plan that works for most people. For example, going to play miniature golf would be a hit in most offices, while a staff happy hour might be the answer if you have a rowdier bunch. Since people often plan weekend getaways in the summer, hold your company outings on Wednesday.

Allow for a flexible work schedule

Everyone knows that Saturday and Sunday are the most crowded days at the beach, mall, movie theater, and everywhere else people want to go during the summer. What if your employees could swap an occasional weekend day for a Tuesday or Thursday? Chances are that they would thank you and remain engaged when in the office. In some workplaces, this system might not work, but many businesses do not need to keep a set weekday schedule.

Delegate projects to your teammates

To motivate employees, make them feel more valued at the office. This type of validation helps ward off fatigue and makes employees happier in the workplace. While the sun is shining and the thought of vacation is in the air, you can keep your employees focused by tasking them with important projects. This may not be a week at the beach or a golfing trip to some exotic location, but your trust will motivate your team to work hard.

Start allowing employees to work remotely

It seems counterintuitive that letting employees work from home would help keep them engaged. Family members, the television, laundry, and pets can be distracting, but a Stanford University study at one corporation revealed a 13 percent improvement in performance. Among the findings, researchers found that employees were working more minutes per shift when they worked from home. Of course, your staff will always appreciate the opportunity to spend more time with family and less time commuting, so it is a win from every perspective.

Motivating your staff during the summer months is quite possible when you take the right approach. Start with these tips, and if you need a hand managing your team, help is always available from professional business coaches.

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