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How to Amplify Your Personal Brand With Social Media
  • 30 May 2017
  • Eric Michaels

How to Amplify Your Personal Brand With Social Media

In today's digital age, there is no longer any debate about the reach of social media. After all, the majority of Americans log onto social networks every day, and these platforms have quickly become an essential tool for business owners to reach their audiences. However, when it comes to your personal brand, you should approach this form of marketing with care. Here are some ideas on how to amplify your personal brand with social media.

1. Find your market

Every business owner has to identify and serve a specific market. When you are leveraging your social channels, it is crucial that you focus on the networks that appeal most to your customers. A good place to start may be Facebook: Pew Research Center found that 79% of online American adults use this social media network. Whatever demographic you hope to reach, you will find it on Facebook, where both images and written content shine. Other platforms tend to be more specialized. Here are some things to remember when researching different social media sites:

  • Twitter: Short and sweet rules on Twitter, where 140 characters of text (less, if you include photos) are the limit. Pew Research found that Twitter has the lowest share of online adult users among the major networks. However, there are specific markets to tap on this platform. Young adults (ages 18 to 29) made up the largest quantity of Twitter users in the study.
  • Instagram: You can think of Instagram as a "Facebook for photos." After all, it is the go-to network when you want to display the physical products that your personal brand creates. Retail operators, photographers, and other visual artists can all benefit from this platform.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is an even more photo-centric site. As Pew Research points out, this site attracts more females than males. Specialty clothing retailers, pottery makers, and jewelry designers could all benefit from using this social network.
  • LinkedIn: Among the social media sites, LinkedIn dominates among the business-to-business crowd. But you do not have to be selling to benefit from LinkedIn. The site's groups give solopreneurs an outlet to enhance their personal brands.

2. Study winning posts

Once you know where you want to post online, you need an idea of what works best on that particular channel. Study posts you consider to be successful in order to see how the business owner achieved the desired effect. Ask yourself: Was the text quick and witty, or more in-depth? Were comments aiming to debate the author, or did people click "Like" and move on? This insight should inform how you approach posts. You should also look to posts that offended people to see what you should avoid.

3. Create steady, valuable content

Building a strong social media profile is like building any relationship. In the beginning, you have to establish trust and set a pattern. You should define what people can expect from you (e.g., humor, insight, or warmth) and be consistent. After all, your posts set the tone for your brand on the social network. Take note of what attracts the most engagement and what generates the most positive feedback. Like anyone with an audience, you want to find a winning formula and create variations. Once you have this formula down, be sure to post regularly, as unused social accounts give followers a negative impression.

4. Remember that influencers can have a major impact

Social influencers, or brand advocates, can help you to amplify your standing online. These social media users have large numbers of followers and interact with them on a daily basis. If you can get an influencer to follow you and share the news, your exposure will jump immediately. Naturally, this process takes work. When you have a post you believe will intrigue a potential brand advocate, tag that person and hope they agree. You might also want to approach an influencer directly to review your products or services.

5. Develop social campaigns

Organic social posts are often limited to the number of followers you boast at any moment. In other words, if you have 700 followers and post something, maybe only 400 would see the post. Unfortunately, social networks often bury content in order to limit clutter. If you hope to break through with a particular post, consider a paid campaign to amplify your brand on the site.

It takes time and effort to amplify your personal brand with social media. But when you nail down the best strategy for your business, you can reap significant benefits.

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