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Collaborate Effectively: 3 Tools Your Small Business Needs
  • 24 August 2017
  • Daniel Vahab

Collaborate Effectively: 3 Tools Your Small Business Needs

The digital revolution allows innovators to collaborate with greater ease and at greater speed and scale, which ultimately increases productivity and revenue. In other words, by leveraging digital tools, small business owners like you now have a means to accomplish tasks more efficiently. With cloud computing and digital platforms, you can also outsource more effectively and communicate with freelancers or staff working remotely. Many of the systems available are designed for flexibility, so you will often be able to collaborate based on your specific business needs. Here are three must-have tools to help you design a more efficient collaborative process.

1. Basecamp

You may be working across various platforms because they offer features that benefit only certain members of your team. Basecamp helps you consolidate. This digital project management software allows users to assign and organize tasks by segmented categories. And if you want to keep track of updates from any of these categories, you can easily use the platform to summarize projects from various teams. You can also perform the following tasks within the program:

  • Assign projects to specific individuals
  • Track time
  • Set deadlines and schedules
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Add notes and attachments
  • Review past work
  • Get e-mail updates
  • Send instant messages
  • Tag individuals for feedback and alerts

Whether you are sharing updates with internal team members or with clients, if you want to streamline your collaborative processes, a digital management system is the way to go.

2. AnyMeeting

Nowadays, it can be difficult to meet in person with employees or customers, especially if you are just starting out in a small business. Indeed, a comprehensive study by Dell and Intel concluded that half of employees, including three in five millennials, believe that technology will soon make in-person meetings obsolete.

With AnyMeeting, you can host a meeting (with up to 30 people) or a webinar (200 maximum) across different global locations. You can also share screens to demonstrate new ideas and ensure everyone is on the same page. This feature is especially helpful with key tasks such as training, online support and presentations.

3. DocuSign

In the past, a simple task like signing paperwork meant you had to coordinate a meeting time and place for all parties involved. Not so in the digital age—electronic signatures make it possible for you to securely send and sign even the most sensitive documents required to run your business. DocuSign allows you to authentically sign and send documents electronically, as well as request counter-signed versions of contracts, invoices, and other paperwork. The platform also stores your documents for future reference. Plus, the mobile app lets the on-the-go business traveler get work done from a smartphone or tablet.

Collaboration is essential for any business. Today's tech advancements help an always-connected mobile workforce conduct business effectively at any time and from any place. This puts small business owners at the advantage. After all, your resources may be limited, but you can make the most of your time and business hours by keeping these digital tools close at hand.

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