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Generating Excitement Over Your Latest Business Idea
  • 25 September 2017
  • Eric Michaels

Generating Excitement Over Your Latest Business Idea

Are you about to launch an exciting new venture or business idea? In order to be successful in this endeavor, you must be able to obtain the necessary buy-in from your partners, investors, and customers. Take a page out of the Steve Jobs playbook and try to generate hype around your new idea. Here are five steps you can take to help create excitement.

1. Identify your biggest selling point

Most successful marketing campaigns have one big selling point that serves to truly engage the target audience. As you prepare your promotional materials, think about what makes this product or service truly unique. Ask yourself: How does this offering help to satisfy a specific customer need? How does it stand apart from my competitors' products and services? What’s the key point that will help create the most buzz or social shareability? Once you hone in on that one special quality that only you can offer to consumers, make it the central focus of your marketing pitch.

2. Drop hints of the breakthrough to come

You may not have a complete picture of your finished product when you begin, but you know what you can deliver. From there, you have the power to start teasing consumers through fun and engaging sketches, videos, and other promotional materials. Just be sure to keep the content fresh, and invest in the channels and outreach initiatives that will empower you to reach your target audience most effectively. By offering teasers up until the big reveal, you will generate excitement around your new idea.

3. Get influencers talking

A few decades ago, business owners would seek out press attention through more traditional outlets, such as local newspapers. Nowadays, you should aim to develop partnerships with highly specialized online influencers. Whether you are offering a niche product or a more popular commodity, there are likely online communities or blogs devoted to the subject. Within these audiences, you can tap into the legions of interested parties who could one day, turn into your newest customers. Seek out writers and thought leaders who can help you to build valuable buzz among their followers.

4. Start taking orders

Pre-orders have become popular in today’s digitally connected world of crowdfunding. By taking pre-orders for a product, not only are you announcing to the world that your idea is coming soon, you have a unique opportunity to validate the viability and consumer interest in the product. In getting customers involved and committed to a business or idea early on, you can leverage them to help you build up the hype, increasing customer engagement.

If the pre-order level of interest is lower than desired, you may want to do additional testing or prototyping, or rethink your marketing strategy and try to find new and exciting ways to get the word out. On the other hand, if the numbers are higher than expected, you may want to invest more time and money into your product development process.

5. Save a few surprises

When a great mystery writer starts a story, they know they have to save a handful of surprises for the end. You may not take the same approach to your business, but you can learn something from this style. As a best practice, you should always tuck a few surprises under your belt so you can sustain interest in your new offerings all the way until the launch date. If you peak too early, consumers might move on to the next big thing.

It takes a winning concept and a little flair to build excitement over a new business idea or venture. Never underestimate the power of buzz in today's marketplace. Are you ready for your launch?

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