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Giving Back to Your Community During Random Acts of Kindness Week
  • 11 February 2018
  • Eric Michaels

Giving Back to Your Community During Random Acts of Kindness Week

As a small business owner, it’s a fortunate milestone when you realize that your business has become integrated within your local community. This year, February 11-17 marks Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week, a worldwide celebration and great opportunity to celebrate kindness. The week culminates with the official National Random Acts of Kindness Day on Saturday, February 17. Whether you’re surprising your staff, your customers, or your community – we encourage you to take RAK to the streets through doable, simple and meaningful acts of kindness.


Why the movement exists

There are plenty of stories about how the movement began – one stemming from a woman named Anne Herbert who wrote the following message on a restaurant place mat: "Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty." The idea of small gestures of kindness has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, with the book Random Acts of Kindness entrenching the phrase into our global vocabulary.

When you look at some of the foundations devoted to this concept, it is clear why the movement has become so inspiring: Performing benevolent acts creates a happier community and a better quality of life for everyone involved.

Individual challenges

Have you ever gone to buy your favorite afternoon treat or caffeine pick-me-up only to find out that the person in front of you has already paid for it? This kind of “pay it forward” surprise and delight is perfect for RAK week!

Set goals for you and your staff to perform one RAK each day of the week. The acts don’t need to cost anything either. Maybe it’s simply holding the door for someone, helping someone carry a heavy load to their car or into their home, or letting someone merge in front of you while driving when you normally might not.

Regroup at the end of the week to let your staff share their experiences with one another. They just might want to keep it going beyond the official week-long celebration.

Organized group activities

When you aren’t sure where to turn with your act of kindness, you can defer to companies that can facilitate daylong group service activities. American Outback handles the logistics for companies looking to give back and bond with others. The organization creates different activities for your team to complete to perform the most random acts of kindness. Employees participate in challenges that foster problem solving and teamwork skills while at the same time, impacting the community.

Additional group activity ideas:

  • Maybe there’s litter or neglect in a local park – your team could help perform a cleanup and revive the landscape
  • Reach out to local foundations that help your community, or brainstorm with your team about different issues they might be passionate about that the group could tackle together
  • Set up an initiative to collect funds or goods for a specific local group in need (e.g., local homeless shelter), and at the end of the week, make the charitable contribution as a team
  • Reach out to a senior living facility and explore ways your team can get involved – either running errands, helping with chores, or simply spending time chatting or playing a game together

Catching kindness

Any company, big or small, can spend every single day focused on generating revenue. But the constant grind can create a mental and physical drain. Take this opportunity to demonstrate what the idea of giving back really means to you and for your business as you take RAK to the streets.

Use social media to get your customers involved too. This not only increases the impact of the RAK movement, but also conveys the values that your company operates by in being community-focused and giving back. Building a lasting bond with your neighborhood is part of the blueprint for success. The RAK movement can be a tool you use to network throughout your community and strengthen the loyalty that customers have with your business.

Collaborate with your colleagues, come up with a plan, and carry it out to make everyone's day a little brighter.

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