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Take an Entrepreneurial Vacation This Summer
  • 21 May 2018
  • Rebecca Delaney

Take an Entrepreneurial Vacation This Summer

For many people, Memorial Day weekend signals the unofficial start of summer and summer vacations. But as a small business owner (SBO), you may feel hesitant to take a vacation from being in charge. People are renting beach houses, planning trips and getting the camping gear ready for some rest and relaxation time—but according to a study by OnDeck, only 57 percent of small business owners will take a vacation. And out of that 57 percent, 67 percent of those SBOs are checking in with their business once a day while away on vacation. You knowvacation is good for you and your family, both physically and mentally, but it can often be hard to step away from your business and take a break.


Here are some reasons you should plan to unplug and get away this summer.

A vacation can be good for your business.

Stepping away, even if it’s for a short getaway, can benefit you and your business. There’s even science behind it. When you take time off, not only do you get to relax, you can improve productivity and boost creativity.

Research shows that when people fail to take time off from work, they suffer higher levels of stress and are likely to experience burnout – making you less resilient to persist through the challenges that arise in operating a business.

Keep the mind sharp so those creative wheels keep turning.

Vacation days improve health and well-being.

Making time for time off improves our overall well-being. Upon returning from a vacation, you’re likely to feel reenergized and refreshed. Studies have shown that quality of sleep, and mental clarity improve following a vacation – which of course, can be of benefit to you running your business.

People that take vacation days are at a lower risk for heart disease, depression and have higher satisfaction with their marriage. All of these factors also impact unplanned absences from work – people that take vacation time tend to use fewer sick days.

You value time away from work.

As a business owner, it’s important to lead by example when it comes to maintaining a work/life balance, especially if you have a family to attend to or staff working for you. Cultivate a healthy culture by taking time off and encouraging others to do the same. Employee morale may depend on it.

If you’re one that tells your staff that it's important they take time off for themselves, but as the boss, never do so yourself, your words are meaningless. It’s important to prioritize time away from the business so that your employees also feel comfortable doing the same.

Plan ahead for time away. Make sure you have people and systems in place that allow your business to continue to operate in your absence. This can help employees show off their capabilities, refine different skill sets, conveys trust and demonstrates empowerment throughout your team.


If you’re a solopreneur running the show on your own, be sure to communicate with your customers about any upcoming travel. Let them know you’ll be stepping away for a short period of time, and that you’ll process all orders as soon as you return on “X” date. Maybe you incorporate something fun from your trip into all orders placed while you’re away – e.g., For all orders received between “X” and “Y” – we’ll be throwing in “Z” to share the vacation love with our valued customers. Be sure that you have an auto-reply message for any emails that come in while you’re gone, explaining when they can expect a response. You might also consider using an answering service to help with inbound phone calls.

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