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Maximizing the impact on your business when hiring extra student help for the summer
  • 04 June 2018
  • Rebecca Delaney

Maximizing the impact on your business when hiring extra student help for the summer

If you’re the type of small business that could use some extra hands, summer is the perfect time to tap into the large pool of high school and college students looking for experience and internships to help build their resume. Keep these tips in mind to help you maximize their impact – something that can be mutually beneficial for you both.


Tackle that intimidating (and to be honest, mind-numbing) project you’ve been putting off.

Loose piles of paperwork that need to be sorted, scanned and filed? Photos and digital assets that need to be edited, organized and prepped for marketing use? Need to perform inventory to help you prep for the next big sales cycle? These are the time-consuming tasks that can easily get pushed down your priority list and are perfect for a summer hire to assist with. Get the job done while freeing yourself up for the more strategic aspects of growing your business.

Expand your digital presence.

Many small business owners fall into one of two social media realms: you know you should be active on social media but just haven’t gotten started yet, or, you set up social media profiles a while back but haven’t had time to actively manage them. Those that are most likely looking for summer jobs have grown up with technology and could be a great resource to help you jump start your social media presence this summer.

Whether it’s setting up business pages, updating content and imagery, responding to comments and reviews, or even boosting certain posts to help you promote a big summer sale or event – action begets action – and once customers see that there’s activity that they value or can relate to, they’re more likely to follow and engage.

Include your website in this digital responsibility assignment. Leverage this opportunity to give the digital representation of your business a fresh look.

Have this person take a look at the analytics and insights for each of your primary digital channels. What content have people gravitated to? What are the search terms people use to find you? What are the pages or tools that people use most often? Then, brainstorm subtle tweaks that might make those interaction points even more effective in converting customers. Getting the perspective of someone new could uncover ideas and solutions that you hadn’t considered before.

Be sure that whoever is posting on behalf of your company understands the values, tone and personality of your business. Make sure that you have the ownership rights for any of the pages and main business accounts and that you know how to access them once your seasonal associate is gone.

Take some time to relax, network and learn.


With the extra help around allow yourself to get out and enjoy the summer and recharge—even just for a little while. Tip those work/life balance scales to equilibrium. Make that phone call to book a lunch date with that new colleague from your networking group that you’ve been putting off because you’re both too busy. Register for that training webinar session that you’ve been wanting to take – and then book it on your calendar and hold yourself accountable to completing it. Or, take that afternoon off to enjoy a mid-week summer break from the norm. Go for a hike. Go shopping. Go take a nap. With someone you can trust holding down the fort, you can indulge in some well-deserved relaxing time away from your business.

To look into hiring summer help, start with your local chamber of commerce. Some organizations have hiring nights with area high schools and match students up with small businesses in town. Another option is contacting your local college or university’s career center and alerting them that you are hiring seasonal help.

One intangible benefit of hiring summer help is the new energy and excitement a student can bring to your business. You may even become a mentor to some of your summer employees who hope to one day run a business like you. While they look up to you for inspiration and leadership, you can look to them to provide a fresh perspective. Their insights into trends and developments can be invaluable, and who knows, that summer intern may become your new employee after graduation.

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